Current Projects

1-2014 Weed Cup Magazine Issue #1

Weed Cup Magazine January issue goes live!
The first issue of the Weed Cup Magazine, is now available to download or browse online at Stories and articles about the past Weed Cup winners as well as some industry information. The Magazine is a monthly publication with an additional issue for the April 4/20 rally and events in Denver, Colorado at the worlds largest 420 rally. (
We look forward to seeing you all there! Weed Cup will be handing out our "Best of" awards for the 2013 votes, as well as some other great prizes and awards.


11-2013 Weed Cup is fully public.

Let The People Vote!
Weed Cup is live and taking more votes than ever! We are excited to announce the public opening to vote for the best weed in Colorado. Let your favorite companies know you have their back, and how good their products really are.


4-2013 Weed Cup starts development.

Currently we are in Beta on our Weed Cup project.

Let The People Vote!
We have created a public voting arena for medical and recreational marijuana, via web site and mobile apps. Starting in Colorado, Weed Cup will be opening to other states as it progresses. Awards system includes Monthly and Yearly categories such as, Best Indica, Sativa, Hash, Bud-Tender, Dispensary and more. Prizes and awards ceremony scheduled for a Denver event in 2014.

What makes this better than the "High Times" "Cannabis Cup" you may ask?
That answer is simple: We let the public vote. No more fake & paid judges to choose winners. No one wants the feeling of a 'rigged' event.

2012 - Marijuana America
The Social network of Marijuana America is an on-going project. From medical marijuana news, doctor listings, dispensary listings and much more. Marijuana America manages a broad range of function on its own but also integrated into many network sites, automation and banner ad systems.

2012 - Marijuana America Network:
We put together a network of marijuana based sites, for multiple states. Geo targeting its audience, with automation and cross linking, providing a Goggle Trend on the word Marijuana at its launch. This network consists of over 30 individual web sites all targeted to the Marijuana industry in each respective state, as well as other location based sites.

2011 - MMJ Works
Our own direct extension to the Medical marijuana web development. At this point we gained our focus on this target audience and gained better performance on demographics. We also started developing mobile apps and web based applications for the Marijuana Industry including several automated video, photo, and data capturing tools

2009-2011 Boulder County Farms
Boulder Colorado based edible and medical marijuana production company, branding targeted to suit the owners want, look and feel. This project included building a network of custom designed and highly effective aeroponics medical marijuana growing hardware. Each unit was designed to increase growth from 6-8 oz per plant to 14-16oz per plant, we developed and tested this method and were successful with 24 different medical marijuana strains.